About Security Gate and Access

Gates and Access Systems that keep unwanted visitors away from your home and family!

Security Gate and Access has designed, built and installed fencing and gate systems for decades. Our current customers came to us because they wanted to deny access and deter unwanted persons from their property. Protection of their families, home and business was of prime importance to them. We can provide the same services and products customized to your needs.

We help you keep the bad guys out!

In addition to security your comfort is also important to us. The ease of opening your gate without exiting your car is unmatched. The knowledge that you are in charge of who and when can enter your property is priceless.

We provide Security and Comfort.

We design, build, install and service Security Gates, Access Control Systems and Automated Gate Openers. Secondarily we provide service and maintenance for existing systems. Many of customers are Home Owner Associations and apartment complexes. We install and service automatic gate opening and control for these customers quite frequently.

We have our own electricians and masons. We coordinate all the installation.

We also work with professional masons to design, build and install handsome and strong masonry columns. We have our own professional, licensed electricians to ensure proper and safe installations. We coordinate all these services so you don’t have to.

Our systems are turnkey.

Your concerns for additional security and peace of mind are important to us and we are adept at providing affordable solutions. Your design ideas and custom refinements will be addressed when you meet with our representatives.

Highly Trained and Certified Employees!

Our employees continually receive training, education and certification in Security Gate Installation and Service. Using the proper tools and techniques ensures the gates and systems we install will work in a functional, reliable and dependable manner. Our available maintenance agreements ensure that your gate system gets the service it needs to operate properly day after day. We have licensed electricians on our staff so we may better serve you with our in house resources. We design, build, install, electrify gates and access control systems to provide the best in security for you.

The Bottom Line is We Keep the Bad Guys Out!

 Security Gate and Access is Bonded, Licensed and Insured, not all contractors are.

Washington State requires automatic gate installers to be licensed, insured and bonded to protect you the consumer. A licensed electrician must perform any electrical work done on the property. A wise homeowner or property owner will check the credentials of any contractor that works on their property. Here’s a handy link: https://fortress.wa.gov/lni/bbip/