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Peace of mind for your family, home and business

A quality security gate system promotes peace of mind. You can stop worrying about kids or pets wandering away from your home. Protection for your children is one of the most important benefits of a secure gate system.


Keeps the unwanted out

Our systems allow you to control access to your property. Keep the public and undesired individuals out while allowing friends, family and appropriate visitors in. You are in charge!


Convenient access

We offer keypads and other systems that allow you to control who has access to your property. Keypad access codes can easily be reset to fit your needs. We install Knox Boxes which allow Fire Departments and Emergency Services to enter quickly when required. On long driveways, key pads or cell phone access to your home allows you to permit entry.


Don't leave your car to open gate

In our often wet and rainy environment the convenience of opening your driveway gate from the comfort of your car is unsurpassed! Remote fobs or keypads allow you to open your gate with getting out of your car.


Safe designs

We follow the guidelines set out by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) ASTM 2200 and UL (Underwriters Laboratory) UL 325 for safe operation of Automated Gate Systems for Vehicular Traffic. What this means to you is the designs we install follow these standards to protect your children, family and pets.  Not all contractors do so. Consider wisely.

Modern automatic gate openers operate like garage door openers and has a safety system to prevent the gate from closing on a child, pet or vehicle.  This helps protect you from liability if someone were to be injured by your gate system!


Protection for your business, HOA, apartment complex, industrial or commercial site

In addition to keeping unwanted visitors from your home we also design, install, maintain and repair non-residential sites. Maintenance contracts, timely repairs and emergency services. Your business deserves protection just like your home does. Business, apartment complex and home owner association gates must operate frequently, consistently and without failure. Dependability, reliability and security are very important so we install and use rugged equipment designed specifically for commercial applications. Maintenance contracts provide assurance that your gates and access systems will work as designed.



We offer option such as cameras, cell phone access systems and other more sophisticated arrangements. You control who enters and leaves.


Elegance and Value

A handsome gate adds curb appeal to your home. When you choose to sell, an automated security gate system will add resale value. They can be an attractive selling point for eager buyers. Ornamental iron gates can be custom designed to fit your desires and dreams. Masonry columns and other custom masonry work can add even more beauty and value.


Duke running trencherGate Design & Installation


Worker doing repair workMaintenance & Service


masonry column with gateWe protect your property!


Solar powered gate openerSolar Powered Gate Openers