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Our company exists to help prevent unwanted entry to your home, business, commercial site or governmental facility. At Security Gate & Access, LLC, we provide the systems to help keep unwanted intruders out! We’ve been proudly serving Western Washington for 30 years.

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Protecting your home is on most peoples minds these days. Due to the current state of our society, it is more important now to protect ourselves from unwanted intruders. A security gate can be a big deterrent to having someone drive onto the property. Criminals mostly take the path of least resistance. If you have a gate they will most likely move on to easier targets. Whether you require a simple design or want to make an artistic statement, we have the knowledge, team, and experience to get the job done.

Homeowners Associations

Our HOA customers want to control who enters their property. From 5 homes to 950 homes, we can design, install, and maintain your gate and related security systems. Many want to make a visual statement and order custom made gates. Installing a gate at a community can be a daunting task. We can assist with the development of plans that the local government will require. Local fire districts also will have input as to what Rapid Entry Systems they require so that emergency responders can get access to the community without having delays trying to get through the gate. We can assist will all the red tape needed to get through the permitting process.

Commercial & Warehouse Facilities

Protecting your commercial/warehouse facility is of paramount importance to you. Keeping your physical plant safe for you and your employees is a requirement these days. Employee vehicles are a prime target not only for the contents but also catalytic converters. Gates and good fencing will help push potential intruders to a site where there is no security.

Government Local State & Federal

Protecting public facilities and assets can be challenging. We collaborate with your agency or department to provide the best combination of products and design to meet your requirements. Whether you are a city, county, state, or federal facility we have the right solutions for you.

Access Control & Video Surveillance Systems

Once you have secured your perimeter, it is time to control who will be granted access to your facility. Solutions range from Keypads, card readers and RFID tags to facial recognition. Being able to record activities is of primary importance. Surveillance video monitoring fills that requirement.

Electric Pulse Perimeter Fencing

Most fencing materials are not designed to repel unauthorized entry. Chain link fences are easily cut with hand tools and now you have unwanted intruders on the property. Non-lethal Electric Pulse fencing is the answer. Anyone touching the fence wire receive a short, sharp, painful shock. Most Electric Pulse fences are 8’ to 12’ tall, making it difficult to climb over the fence. Should someone cut one of the wires an alarm will go off and you will know where the fence is being breached.


Our over 30 years’ experience in the fence and gate business insures that we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right!

Protecting you & YOur Property is our business

We work hard to help you keep unwanted intruders out.



Keeping your home or business safe is our primary concern.



New installs or repairs of older systems – either way, we’ll get it done.



Our over 30 years’ experience in the fence and gate business insures that we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right!



We don’t give you a pre-packaged solution. We work with you to find the right products and services for your unique situation.