Enhancing Security with Electric Perimeter Fencing: A Tacoma Community Approach

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Tacoma, a vibrant and diverse city known for its thriving economic landscape and strong sense of community, is taking bold steps to enhance security while ensuring the well-being of both residents and local businesses. With the recent approval of Substitute Ordinance 28902 by the City Council, electric perimeter fencing has become a new avenue for bolstering security measures. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative ordinance, highlight the role of Security Gate and Access as a trusted source for Gallagher electric perimeter fencing solutions, and explore Tacoma’s unwavering commitment to community safety.

Electric Perimeter Fencing: Striking the Balance

Are electric fences allowed in Tacoma? Absolutely. Tacoma’s industrial districts have long permitted the use of electric fences, and a recent decision by the City Council has expanded this allowance to encompass specific commercial, mixed-use, and downtown areas. This progressive move, championed by Mayor Victoria Woodards and Council Members Joe Bushnell and Catherine Ushka, showcases a thoughtful equilibrium between strengthening business security and considering the broader interests of the community. Effective from August 27, the ordinance is poised to create a safer environment while ensuring the aesthetic integrity of the cityscape.

A Collaborative Approach: The Substitute Ordinance

But why is it called a “substitute” ordinance? Tacoma’s Planning Commission, a dedicated community group tasked with advising the City Council on planning matters, played a pivotal role in shaping this ordinance. While the commission initially recommended against adopting an updated electric fence ordinance, they crafted a version for Council consideration. Ordinance 28902 introduced essential regulations pertaining to voltage, safety signage, setbacks, and aesthetic elements. Building on this foundation, the substitute ordinance further refines development standards to achieve a harmonious balance between security and community aesthetics.

A Trusted Resource: Security Gate and Access & Gallagher

Enter Security Gate and Access and Gallagher products, Tacoma’s go-to source for top-notch electric perimeter fencing solutions. As the city pioneers the integration of electric fences for enhanced security, Security Gate and Access stands as a beacon of expertise in this realm. With a proven track record of providing cutting-edge perimeter security solutions, Security Gate and Access offers a range of innovative products designed to meet the standards outlined in Substitute Ordinance 28902. From state-of-the-art electric fencing systems to safety signage and access control technology, Security Gate and Access is your partner in creating a secure environment while maintaining the charm of Tacoma’s neighborhoods.

Securing Your Space: Guidelines and Standards

Substitute Ordinance 28902 extends electric perimeter fencing allowances to various districts, including C-1 and C-2 Commercial Districts, CCX Community Commercial Mixed-Use District, UCX Urban Center Mixed-Use District, CIX Commercial Industrial Mixed-Use District, DMC Downtown Mixed Use, and WR Warehouse Residential District. However, compliance with specific standards is essential:

1. Electric perimeter fences are permissible between buildings and the front property line for pre-existing storage spaces.

2. Fences must not exceed a height of 8 feet.

3. Adherence to regulated voltage and charging technology as per Electrotechnical Commission IEC Standards.

4. Placement of warning signs every 50 feet, featuring multilingual text and visual imagery (English, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese).

5. Mandatory general liability insurance for electric fence owners.

6. Inclusion of a decorative, non-electric perimeter fence meeting designated dimensions and design criteria.

Embracing Community Perspectives

As a city deeply invested in the well-being of its residents and the vitality of its businesses, Tacoma remains steadfast in its commitment to community involvement. The formulation of Substitute Ordinance 28902 is a testament to this dedication, with insights from both businesses and residents shaping its development. Tacoma recognizes that safety is a shared responsibility, and the voices of its diverse community play a vital role in crafting policies that resonate with the city’s values.

A Holistic Approach to Safety and Prosperity

Beyond the implementation of innovative ordinances, Tacoma is actively addressing the broader challenge of reducing violent crime. Strategic resource allocation and efforts to fill police officer vacancies underline the city’s commitment to this cause. Simultaneously, Tacoma is crafting a comprehensive Community Safety Strategy, drawing inspiration from community perspectives. This strategy aims to create a safer environment through collective actions, reinforcing the notion that community safety is a collaborative endeavor.

Thriving in Tacoma: A Shared Journey

Tacoma’s reputation as an attractive city for both residents and businesses continues to grow. Recent accolades, such as its recognition as one of the top five places to live by the “Today Show,” underscore the city’s allure. With Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings elevating Tacoma’s rating to AA+, the city’s robust economy and upward trajectory are clear. As Tacoma embarks on this journey of progress, its Community and Economic Development team remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting businesses and fostering prosperity.

Tacoma’s forward-thinking approach to security, exemplified by Substitute Ordinance 28902, highlights its dedication to striking a balance between business needs and the well-being of the community. As electric perimeter fencing emerges as a dynamic security solution, Security Gate and Access stands as a trusted partner in safeguarding Tacoma’s neighborhoods. By embracing innovative solutions and prioritizing community engagement, Tacoma aims to create a safer and more prosperous environment for all. As the city continues to evolve, its unwavering commitment to collaboration, safety, and economic growth ensures that Tacoma remains a city where residents and businesses can thrive together. If your business can benefit from Security Gate and Access installation of Gallagher products give us a call today.