6 Reasons highlighting the Importance of Professional Installation for Your FAAC Barrier, Gate, and Garage Door Automation


As technology continues to advance, businesses worldwide are choosing the convenience of automated security systems, especially for barrier, gate and garage door automation. The FAAC automation system is a reliable and cost-effective solution that has made lives easier for many businesses. But, just having the FAAC automation system installed isn’t enough. Without proper installation, your automation system can malfunction, leading to security breaches, property damage, loss of business, and expensive repair costs. This blog post will unpack the importance of professional FAAC installation services, highlighting why it is essential to have your FAAC system installed by the experts at Security Gate Access.

In this blog post, we’ll look at six reasons why you need professional installation for your FAAC barrier, gate, and garage door automation system.

Expertise and Experience:

Professional installers at Security Gate Access have the expertise and experience to ensure that your automation system is installed correctly. Any automation system installation is a complex process that requires expertise in technical areas such as programming, electrical wiring, and design. Professional FAAC installation services provide the technical skills required to customize the configurative settings of the FAAC system to meet the specific needs of your organization. The technicians at Security Gate Access are knowledgeable about the best practices, safety measures, and troubleshooting strategies that guarantee a flawless operation of your technology. With their professional installation, you can rest assured that your system is installed to the highest standards.

Quality Assurance:

A professional installation by Security Gate Access ensures that your automation system is functioning appropriately. Our expert technicians conduct quality assurance tests to ensure that your system is installed correctly and performing reliably before they leave your property. Security Gate Access also provides a warranty for FAAC systems installed by our team. This provides added security and comfort to our customers, knowing that any malfunctioning parts are protected under manufacturer warranty. Our team provides maintenance services to ensure that the systems remain functional and efficient, which increases their overall lifespan. Additionally, they are continually available to address any concerns or additional needs you may have.

Personalized Attention:

Security Gate Access is committed to providing every customer with personalized attention. We send experienced technicians who can assess the unique needs of your property and install a tailored solution that meets your requirements. This distinguishes us from the many installers who might provide one-size-fits-all solutions without regard to your particular security and safety challenges.

Safety and Security:

Professional FAAC installation services keep your business’s safety and security as their top priority. Security Gate Access experts ensure that the system is installed correctly, programmed efficiently, and that all safety protocols are observed. They also advise the owner and employees of the potential risks that come with automation systems and how to avoid them.

FAAC automation systems require proper installation to meet compliance and legal regulations. Automated barrier and gate systems regulations are regulated and guided by various strict compliance guidelines set by an array of organizations. Having a professional-grade FAAC system installed by the Security Gate Access team ensures that your system is installed following the guidelines set by the Buildings Department of Washington State and FAAC, giving you and your business peace of mind.

Another benefit of using a professional installation company like Security Gate Access is that they are compliant with safety and legal regulations. They are also well-versed with the local permit and safety requirements needed for a legal installation of an automation system. This makes it easier for you to avoid legal penalties brought on by improper installation.


While hiring a professional installer for your FAAC automation system may seem like an expense at first, it can actually save you money down the road. Complete automation installation includes not only monetary costs but also background pre-installation services that may accumulate into additional costs. Getting a professional-grade FAAC system from Security Gate Access is cost-effective in the long term as the services include post-installation maintenance and repairs, which eliminate future costs of trying to find an alternative solution with potentially problematic results. Professional installation ensures that your system’s lifespan is extended, and repair costs for future problems are minimized.

Investing in a professional-grade FAAC system from Security Gate Access is of utmost importance in maintaining an effective automated barrier, gate and garage door system. By entrusting our team with your automation needs, you gain access to expertise, compliance regulations, durability, cost-effectiveness, safety, and security. At Security Gate Access, we provide expert installation, quality assurance testing, personalized attention, compliance with legal and safety regulations, and cost-saving benefits, making sure your system is working optimally. Contact us today for all your FAAC Barrier, Gate, and Garage Door Automation needs. Ensure the safety and security of your business.